Promotion in December: Merry Christmas

The picture on the wall, the tablecloth on the table, the wood-burning oven, most importantly, Bella Napoli's family is waiting for you! Everything around you seems like dining in Italy,and is in a traditional, authentic Italian restaurant.

In December, we are going to celebrate our delicious dishes!

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Panfried tiger prawns with fresh cherry tomato, oregano, fresh basil


Bruschetta with olives paste, marinated cherry tomato and smoked salmon



Fresh tagliolini with scallops and porcini



Paccheri pasta stuffed with cod fish with cheese fondue sauce


Panfried pork sausage with lentil, rucola and parmesan cheese


Panfried roll of turkey stuffed with parma ham,parmesan and chestnuts ,with marsala wine sauce


Typical Italian Christmas cake

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